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ERT9 Energy Savings

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We have developed a way for you to offer your customers to save and optimize energy in the Building HVAC System refereed to:

      *  Rooftop Units

      *  Chiller Plants


The  HVAC is the most energy consumption system in a building and the one where you can find the most opportunities to save energy and money.


The ERT9 solutions give the opportunity to improve the energy savings with a small investment cost.

By combining our IAQ Solutions  with our Energy Saving Solutions, you  have the chance to save even more energy by taking care that  the air quality is kept in a healthy range and it will not be affected by saving the most energy as possible.


If you have a customer that wants a custom engineered solution our partners at Green Media HD can provide a tailored proposal for a system you can install. Tailored solutions include:

  • Energy Saving in chiller plants or RTU

  • Integration with  existing BMS

  • Cloud server hosting  with custom dashboards

  • Integration with IAQ solution locally and remote

For Custom Engineered Solutions/Proposals, contact GreenmediaHD

Custom Engineered Applications 

 A/C RoofTop Unit Smart Control (RTU-SC) Retrofit

The main goal of the RTU-SC Solution is to save energy in the rooftop units of a Building HVAC System by modulating the evaporator fan speed to a proper value, while protecting the compressor and keeping a good comfort humidity value and optimum super-heat in the A/C system.

The inversion cost of retrofitting an existing rooftop HVAC unit to save energy with this advanced controls  is much less than installing a new unit, and once the retrofit is done, you can save from 25% up to 50% of energy.

This solution is integrated with the IAQ Solutions. If the air quality solutions are implemented in the RTU, less air flow is needed to keep air quality indicators in the healthy range, and more energy is saved with the RTU-SC.

More information:

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Chiller Optimization Package (GCOP)

The main goal of the GCOP Solution is to  automatically resets in real time the leaving chilled water temperature (LCHWT) set-point of a chiller to an optimum value to reduce lift and save energy in the chiller plant. 

You can save up to 25% of electric energy in Chiller Plant


More information:

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