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We have developed a way for you to offer your customers improved indoor air quality (IAQ)  combined with real-time monitoring of the most important IAQ  indicators:

      *  Temperature

      *  Humidity

      *  CO2

      *  VOCs

      *  PM2.5       

By combining our IAQ monitors with one or both types of ERT9 air purification products, you can offer a unique solution designed to improve IAQ  while monitoring it in real-time. The customer can view all five parameters in real-time to help assess the effectiveness of the air purification system.

If you have a customer that wants a custom engineered solution our partners at Green Media HD can provide a tailored proposal for a system you can install. Tailored solutions include:

  • Integration of IAQ readings with BMS

  • Cloud server hosting of IAQ data with custom dashboards

  • Media screens to post real-time IAQ status mixed with live tv or  any  messages or advertisements you would like to exhibit

  • Remote temperature control

  • Energy savings on rooftop units

For Custom Engineered Solutions/Proposals, contact GreenmediaHD

Custom Engineered Applications 

Bipolar ionization air purification systems

The bipolar ionization system is installed in air handlers or Roof Top (RTU).

Bipolar Ionizer to reduce or eliminate Viruses, Bacteria, or Mildew in the Air Conditioning air stream.

Glass Buildings

UV light and activated carbon air purifiers.

APCO-X system is installed in air conditioning duct,

It is a unique combination of UV-C light and activated carbon which achieves unmatched microbial and odor reduction without producing any harmful ozone. This technology is particularly effective at reducing odor-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which include toxic chemical vapors like formaldehyde and toluene.

Concrete Skate and Bike Park

Wi-Fi indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors for monitoring

A fast, inexpensive, and accurate way to read the IAQ status. Parameters as temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, and pm2.5  are read to compute a score and evaluate the air quality.

​In a tailored/engineered solution these values can be displayed in a Cloud Server Dashboard and/or transferred to any existing BMS system using a BACnet/IP Server/Client Gateway.


Integrate IAQ readings

By using a BACnet/IP, Server/Client  Controller Gateway that can be connected to the existing BMS, the customer can improve control and reduce energy consumption through the system's optimization algorithms based on air quality parameters.

More info: greemediahd.com/airdata

Abstract Shapes

Report in real time the IAQ status

All data collected from the air quality sensors is sent to the GreenMediaHD Cloud server to be visualized in customized Web Pages Dashboards. A color coding is used to show the air quality of each sensor parameter.


Sample Corporate Building in Miami.

3D Blue Objects

Present the IAQ status of the building on a public information screen

By using the GreenmediaHD Signage System,  you can show in different TV screens the IAQ readings to the incoming visitors. You can also mix these results with messages of recommendations for staff protection, and any other advertisement of your business services and products.

More info: greemediahd.com/airdata


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